Friday, 15. May 2020
Berlin cinemas + 2 thoughts (last month on killer clowns & now TGIF Kreuzberg style)

(This is the belated April entry - too much going on in that month this year. Old German rhyme: "April, April - soon does as it wills!") While the leaders of the loudest NATO "allies" do rhetorical somersaults while their citizens are being decimated, daily, Germany has done a little better - so far...


The great Berlin cinema "Odeon" - also closed due to Corona till June
Another Yorck cinema, this one is one of about 3 of the most traditional ones in that group. Not much to look at from outside - except for the 2 glass viewing cases in the front yard - inside it is a thing of beauty: A proper small wood-and-glass ticket booth near the left & right entrances, after which you pass through into a small foyer with bar-and-ticket-cashier, with a wall of the month's celebrity birthdays on the right. Inside a classic single-level cinema hall with tall curtains and beautiful decorative lights on left & right walls! A hidden gem!

Killer Clowns

I'm not saying that the nominal leaders of the U.S. & the U.K. are solely to blame for all the CoVID deaths this year in their respective countries. In fact, the British magazine THE ECONOMIST argues at least partly otherwise for the U.S..

But I do find it extremely heartless & non-exemplary to say the least that they are using the crisis to further their own political agendas, which for both i.a. means "opening up" again - a probably foolish push into more unnecessary deaths, while their reinfection coefficient R0 is above 1. (I'm no mathematician, but I seem to remember reading that by about 1,3 the rise starts becoming exponential again!)

And all this while smiling blithely into cameras. If I were living in the U.S. or the U.K., being "at risk" in terms of my age and recent health history, my motto would Remain: #StayAtHome!

TGIF, another May Day

This Friday, restaurants and cafés reopened in Berlin. Man, had I hoped for that! Of course, realising how incredibly lucky I am to live in a country, where government and provincial leaders reacted quickly to the Corona threat (only two-and-a-half months ago!) by locking us down within about 2-3 weeks; German virologists, specialised for SARS cases (again, man, is the world lucky that this is not the 1st SARS epidemic the world had experienced to some extent), were drawn upon by health ministry and Kanzleramt (ministry of the office of the chancellor). One of these virologists, Dr. Drosten, has taken time to do long informative podcasts, so that many, many Germans were better informed than people in other countries. On how the virus spreads, and how to behave accordingly.

Anyway, I visited an almost totally empty McD's with outside tables, and after a few curly fries felt like a normal person again. Some very hungry sparrows loudly claimed their tiny parts of my meal, as well.

Later in the day, I passed a group of young women, standing near a building (not really "socially distancing"), and one of them instructed the others loudly: "You sleep in the same bed with a guy for months, and then suddenly you can't, week for week... That's just not on!" I, pony-haired old man, managed not to prance or grin while directly passing them, but half a dozen steps later...

At 10 p.m. a somewhat surprised moi was sitting on a bench on a traffic island in Gneisenau Str., holding a piece of pizza in one hand, while the other was demasking. Surprised due to having forgotten the "loosening" order, that allowed opening of eating places today, also directs them all to close by that time every evening. For the moment.

A strange day!

[Keep well. Keep your distance, too, even while possibly "reopening" your life.]

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Tuesday, 31. March 2020
Berlin cinemas + 1 thought (this month on... guess what, but no beer)

So the new year wasn't quite so happy so far - although I'm medically fitter than in end-of-year months - and so, also, not so regular in terms of this new series. But another cinema is included, and even integrated, into the one thing that occupies all our thoughts, now...


Entrance of Berlin-Kreuzberg's famous Yorck cinema
One of Berlin's best-known cinemas, the Yorck (named after the street it's located in), was so successful over the years, that at some point it expanded to a 2nd viewing hall called the "New Yorck". This double cinema then triggered a whole series of theatres in the city, bundled in the Yorck group of independent cinemas. This amalgam now regularly presents some mainstream stuff, and many indie movies, including quite a few in original language; it has actually opened a new small cinema complex near the old main train station, near the Zoo.

O, Corona

Yes, even here this matter rules! As the above photo shows, drastic consequences have been taken - "first closing since 1977" - almost as if we're preparing for a major war-time effort...

The thing is, people like you or me can't say much about this, the 2nd SARS virus. As one astute Tweeter pointed out, at the beginning of any comment on Corona there should be a sincere disclaimer that the writer is NOT a CoVid-19 expert!

About mid-March, the one thing I was missing, was - how long does the virus actually remain "live" on surfaces? I found this useful New England Journal of Medicine article, which helped me appreciate how plastic compares to i.a. paper, and how important the viral dose is, that droplets (aerosol or bigger/heavier) contain.

As for the politicians who brag and babble and call out "important" stuff about the new virus, my gut tells me that the ones who are loudest or most demagogic are the ones who had behaved badly at some point, e.g. by not paying too much attention to the coming pandemic weeks ago. Cuomo of NY state is great now, but probably wasn't at the beginning, which could be why the starting gradient of the NYC curve is so steep; the Great Presidential Pretender - now with mass destruction option, for his own citizens this time - isn't great now, having become a signal argument for why the US need to reform their political hierarchy* - so many lives of innocents shouldn't be in the much too small hands of one man!

Perhaps, in this time of crisis, we need to not always follow the recommendations of big mouths and show hosts, beating the drum of every new scandalous tweet or meme, but keep a sharper eye/ear on the less loud points of appropriate governance, e.g. the governor of California, and even Germany's own Merkel (whose near-eternal restraint is a boon right now, for once).

As for self-quarantining: I always thought I was hermitically inclined, but this is too much even for me. I am so glad book shops & video rentals are still open in Berlin! Other than that I try to aim my info focus at places close to home or family, consume the terrible consequences when the virus causes intensive damage to people's health in some sort of quanta, and divert small donations there (as well as to one or other local shop and/or cinema)...

[Go - and stay! - well...]

(* to say nothing of the election system beyond the primaries!!)

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Wednesday, 18. December 2019
Berlin cinemas + 2 thoughts (this month on media & hermits)

After a long hiatus, I am starting a regular blog-go series again, this time on a dying institution, cinemas, in this blog in particular those in Berlin! I will always post a pic of one cinema and caption it, then blog other stuff...


Inside an old Berlin cinema called "Cinema", before film begin
Yep, this cinema is so old & respectable, it's just called "Cinema". It's a miracle it still runs - I've never seen it fuller than a quarter - mainly showing movies for German pensioners, I guess. Some snoring may occur, but other than that - simple and dear!

On the media

(Sorry, I couldn't stop myself with that sub-title, referencing the famed US radio meta-journalistic show.) Whenever Great Pretenders like the heads of (already old & wasted) USA and (newly elected, greedy) U.K. say or tweet something outrageous, the media immediately follow & comment & analyse, endlessly. Am I really to believe that they don't see the manipulative side, intended to manipulate esp. them? When Trump tweeted Greta Thunberg to go "chill", he wanted to divert from the impeachment debacle, which does seem to bother him just a tad (as witness his usual 180°-logical written letter (!?) attack on Mrs. Pelosi yesterday).

I would like the media to concentrate on the failed election systems in the named two countries, and how those affect political disengagement over decades. Majority-winner-takes-all voting mechanisms in local boroughs, towns and (parts of) cities are simply way out of date in the 21st century, I feel.


German government is setting up a task force on loneliness. I wonder what will be achieved at such a far-above-ground level with something that most people have to deal with very personally. Cities may greatly increase personal freedom, but they do also further isolation.

One alternative, I suppose, is to develop a kind of modern form of hermitism. (Is there such a thing? I herewith define it as the state of a positive hermit, if not!) Rejoice in the many chances one has to develop paths of interest/study/timepassing. Get grounded in oneself ("in sich selbst ruhen", Germans say). And then try not to preach too much at all those extroverts running around above, outside the hermit hole, when you do venture outside...

[Toodle-oo, till the (happy!) New Year...]

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