Wednesday, 25. March 2020
Berlin cinemas + 1 thought (this month on... guess what, but no beer))

So the new year wasn't quite so happy so far - although I'm medically fitter than in end-of-year months - and so, also, not so regular in terms of this new series. But another cinema is included, and even integrated, into the one thing that occupies all our thoughts, now...


Entrance of Berlin-Kreuzberg's famous Yorck cinema
One of Berlin's best-known cinemas, the Yorck (named after the street it's located in), was so successful over the years, that at some point it expanded to a 2nd viewing hall called the "New Yorck". This double cinema then triggered a whole series of theatres in the city, bundled in the Yorck group of independent cinemas. This amalgam now regularly presents some mainstream stuff, and many indie movies, including quite a few in original language; it has actually opened a new small cinema complex near the old main train station, near the Zoo.

O, Corona

Yes, even here this matter rules! As the above photo shows, drastic consequences have been taken - "first closing since 1977" - almost as if we're preparing for a major war-time effort...

[Go - and stay! - well...]

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Wednesday, 18. December 2019
Berlin cinemas + 2 thoughts (this month on media & hermits)

After a long hiatus, I am starting a regular blog-go series again, this time on a dying institution, cinemas, in this blog in particular those in Berlin! I will always post a pic of one cinema and caption it, then blog other stuff...


Inside an old Berlin cinema called "Cinema", before film begin
Yep, this cinema is so old & respectable, it's just called "Cinema". It's a miracle it still runs - I've never seen it fuller than a quarter - mainly showing movies for German pensioners, I guess. Some snoring may occur, but other than that - simple and dear!

On the media

(Sorry, I couldn't stop myself with that sub-title, referencing the famed US radio meta-journalistic show.) Whenever Great Pretenders like the heads of (already old & wasted) USA and (newly elected, greedy) U.K. say or tweet something outrageous, the media immediately follow & comment & analyse, endlessly. Am I really to believe that they don't see the manipulative side, intended to manipulate esp. them? When Trump tweeted Greta Thunberg to go "chill", he wanted to divert from the impeachment debacle, which does seem to bother him just a tad (as witness his usual 180°-logical written letter (!?) attack on Mrs. Pelosi yesterday).

I would like the media to concentrate on the failed election systems in the named two countries, and how those affect political disengagement over decades. Majority-winner-takes-all voting mechanisms in local boroughs, towns and (parts of) cities are simply way out of date in the 21st century, I feel.


German government is setting up a task force on loneliness. I wonder what will be achieved at such a far-above-ground level with something that most people have to deal with very personally. Cities may greatly increase personal freedom, but they do also further isolation.

One alternative, I suppose, is to develop a kind of modern form of hermitism. (Is there such a thing? I herewith define it as the state of a positive hermit, if not!) Rejoice in the many chances one has to develop paths of interest/study/timepassing. Get grounded in oneself ("in sich selbst ruhen", Germans say). And then try not to preach too much at all those extroverts running around above, outside the hermit hole, when you do venture outside...

[Toodle-oo, till the (happy!) New Year...]

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Wednesday, 16. May 2018
Unified Love-Teardrop Theory of inner drives? / Baffari-ja!

The basis of a sort of Unified Theory of what makes people do what they do - in Western society, anyway - to keep appreciation coming, the other day. At least that's what the self-praising part of my persona is hoping for. *-)

My basis is a sort of cap on an established basis, formulated by Riemann in his Basics of Anxiety from over half a century ago. There are basically 4 challenges ("Forderungen") that people experience, and they can be visualised as a 2-dimensional field governed by the following axes:

    Change (freedom / explorative drive)
Closeness ---------+----------- Distance
Stability (set boundaries, e.g. me vs. you)
So, basically we desire closeness to be less alone, but seek distance when being near others causes too many constraints on one's life; or we seek stability for its reassurance that life will proceed in a plannable way, but at other times seek change to escape boredom or perceived imprisonment by society.

Now here comes the Unified Theory, that dropped in my head last weekend: What drives us most of all is the need for love. (Hey, the Beatles got it, long ago! Let it be!) And loneliness or just aloneness often means lovelessness, at least here in the o so civilised Western world.

I axiomise that humans notice this, probably subconsciously, all their lives - from the built-in togetherness of children and their parents/siblings, to the societal coercion of having to be in a stable relationship, to the ever-older good-lookers beyond middle age, to the dark, quiet corners of old age, where people are often increasingly alone. Being not always sapient animals, we also - beyond childhood - equate love with sex, and our own capacity to have sex (am I slim/interesting/strong enough?). And in the "good-lookers" phase mentioned above, at around about my age, you get to see much heatedness among peers - & probably they see it in you - of the "final" surge to catch as much "love" as one can get.

I hypothesize that you can overlay the above diagram with a big sideways tear, dropping in from the East: c> -- Inside this tear area we are likely to be loved; outside it we are preparing for the darker end of the life tunnel, of which we are often at least as afraid as of death, I posit. And with time the tear tends to dry up, the "volume" of love decreasing - for most people.

Ergo: We need to become more loving as a society. And as a truly wise species. So says me...

A brief word on vonderfull Bavaria, Germany's southernmost federal state, and its long but unfortunately sure progression into a retrograde police state, increasingly similar to South Africa during the apartheid years. An interview in the current STERN magazine (#20, theme "German police") lays out how far (down!) the now* approved new law goes - what stands out for me is that police now have interminable power of detainment for people suspected (!) of misdeeds (probably in a terrorist or "similar" vein, but who knows - who categorises?)! All that separates this from the bad S. African example of yesteryear is that a judge has to agree. For the moment.

Butt Shermany iss de most civilised cowntry in de world, ja!?

(* since yesterday evening)

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