Wednesday, 25. March 2020
Berlin cinemas + 1 thought (this month on... guess what, but no beer))

So the new year wasn't quite so happy so far - although I'm medically fitter than in end-of-year months - and so, also, not so regular in terms of this new series. But another cinema is included, and even integrated, into the one thing that occupies all our thoughts, now...


Entrance of Berlin-Kreuzberg's famous Yorck cinema
One of Berlin's best-known cinemas, the Yorck (named after the street it's located in), was so successful over the years, that at some point it expanded to a 2nd viewing hall called the "New Yorck". This double cinema then triggered a whole series of theatres in the city, bundled in the Yorck group of independent cinemas. This amalgam now regularly presents some mainstream stuff, and many indie movies, including quite a few in original language; it has actually opened a new small cinema complex near the old main train station, near the Zoo.

O, Corona

Yes, even here this matter rules! As the above photo shows, drastic consequences have been taken - "first closing since 1977" - almost as if we're preparing for a major war-time effort...

[Go - and stay! - well...]

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