Swiss family April-foolish thoughts

Neuch√Ętel lake, Switzerland, on a clear end-of-winter day While I'm here helping an accident-downed relative out for a few days, in her new beautiful apartment looking toward the Swiss Alps (cf. view from living room on left), I lennon-like imagine...

  • a new near-septagenarian interior minister, who actually does something about refugees arriving from the South-East, e.g. by getting in tandem with the foreign minister to establish processing consulates in African countries to inform intending migrators of their chances, plus by supporting the foreign aid minister in getting more effective economic help to source countries - rather than prattle on opportunistically about what religion belongs to our national culture or not
  • a labour minister, who, perhaps in tandem with the economic & foreign ministries, finally does something about fair trade via labourers of foreign countries, if fair work is truly a concern of his (as he has said in the past)
  • a young & loud health minister, who does more in his tenure than just stop-gap one tenth of needed personnel in care-for-the-aged institutions
  • a prime minister (or "chancellorette") who doesn't try to "pick up" voters who have browned-out toward the populistic hard right, but e.g. makes the path to citizenship for foreign folk in the country clearer & more achievable, at the same time informing the general public that citizen's rights are strongly/visibly protected by a nation that has - for better or worse - managed to overcome (with a lotta help) the inhuman ravages of fascism!
Is the land I dream of with such governing folk Germany? Hoo nose!

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